We stand for personal empowerment, individual responsibility, and regional food security. We stand for impeccable food production and processing practices that benefit every living entity involved. We reject reliance on government or big business for our food and its safety.

Every Plant in a Box (PIB) creates a food shed of enriched farmland, stimulated local economy, and people contributing to their community. The peak nutrition provided supports clear-minded people making better decisions.


The Featherman business is backyard processing. Every one of my customers would travel up to thirty miles and pay $3 or $4 or $5 to have an inspected bird. The Plant in a Box is the future.
— David Schafer
We were operating under inspection within two weeks of delivery!
— John Smith, Poultry Manager, Maple Wind Farm
I talk to people all the time about lack of facilities and tell them that a Plant in a Box is going to start changing that. For example, Indiana told Jeff Hawkins he couldn’t do exempt processing in Indiana. I helped him get a grant and then helped him get the Attorney General to agree that what he’s doing is completely legal when the state department of health gave him cease and desist letters for selling to restaurants.
— Greg Gunthorp