Designed by the Plant In A Box team, your box will astound you with performance and craftsmanship.


Maple wind farm

Maple wind farm

The Physical Box

Shipping containers are manufactured in the Pacific Rim, filled with goods for export, and stacked eight high on ocean freighters. Their corrugated metal shells make them extremely strong, stackable, transportable, and inexpensive. They range from 20’ to 40’ in length and 8’ to 9’ in height. We use "one-trippers" that are like new.

Plant In A Box Efficiency

Because of minimal worker steps, doubled cone/scald capacity, and an evisceration rail running down the middle, our design and space allow for maximum equipment utilization and five workers, possibly six. Equipment capacity is 8-9 birds per minute, nearly 500 birds per hour. Peak human performance measured thus far on our scale is 48 birds per person per hour. With five people the PIB can process 200 birds per hour.

Plant In A Box Capacity

The Plant in a Box is designed for processors in the 10,000 to 500,000 chickens per year range. Designed for anywhere from three to six workers at 40 birds per person per hour.

Plant In A Box Hourly Profitability

Three Man Team - Five hour process

Hourly return @ $3/bird x 120 birds = $360
Labor costs @ $20/hr = $60
Gross Net = $300/hr, $1,500/day

Five Man Team - Five hour process

Hourly return @ $3/bird x 200 birds = $600
Labor costs @ $20/hr = $100
Gross Net = $500/hr, $2,500/day

FIve Man Team - Eight hour process

Hourly return @ $3/bird x 200 birds = $600
Labor costs @ $20/hr = $100
Gross Net = $500/hr, $4,000/day

Plant In A Box Yearly Profitability

The Gross Profit potential of a Plant in a Box is over $1,000,000 if used full time. A $200,000-$400,000 Net Income potential may be realized exclusively from processing.






Plant in a Box Flexibility

The Plant in a Box is not only multi-purpose and transportable (thus, not taxed), it may easily be uprooted and sold or re-sited, thus insuring an easy exit strategy. 

Non-Physical Services

HACCP planning is an optional service provided with your PIB purchase. Every USDA inspected PIB will require that a manager or owner or both attend a two-day HACCP training program provided regionally by USDA personnel. We will help you tailor a specific and iron-clad HACCP plan that will not tax you or your employees, retain optimal quality in your poultry, and be very inspector-friendly.

SOPs, Standard Operating Procedures, like HACCP plans, will be written and overseen by Greg Gunthorp. 



Dual Jurisdiction Inspection

We highly recommend considering Dual Jurisdiction Inspection. This allows your Plant in a Box to be both a USDA-inspected processing facility as well as an FDA-approved commercial kitchen. Finished with processing for the week or season? Time to make soup, bread, open a winter coffee shop. Or further add value to your poultry. This works especially well in climates that don’t sustain year round processing. We will guide you through the dual-jurisdiction application process.

Air Chilling/Freezing

We provide an exciting option to water chilling - a separate Blast Air Chill Box. Poultry may chill slowly, adding value in the flavor and firmness profile. The air chill process eliminates any possibility of water-born contamination and cross-contamination. Perhaps best of all, the daily chill costs in both materials and labor are a fraction of water and ice chill and less wasteful. Our Air Chill Box is built from a refrigeration container so it comes with a built-in back-up compressor in the event of the temporary loss of the primary chill system.

If freezing capacity is required, the same system may be used to air freeze. We have solved the problem of moisture loss in air chilling and freezing. This is truly the best technology available to retain the absolute top quality of the products you produce.



Plant In A Box Cost:

Minimal Unit – $49,000, includes a new 40' x 9' (High Cube) container with insulated walls and ceiling, three windows, interior door, scalder vent and high capacity fan with a Featherman Set Up. You finish out.

Premium Unit – Please inquire. Includes all of the above plus a variable speed rail and shackle system, Featherman Scalder XL, all utilities, electricity and lights, heating and cooling, finished floor, sanitary air curtain, clean/dirty separation, all fixtures.

Not Included in above prices:

Transportation, site preparation, contractor electrical, water and drainage line hook-ups. HACCP training, PIB team HACCP/SOP consulting and training, PIB team general operations training optional.