40’ Multi-Species Plant in a Box®

Our “Multi-Species” unit is the ultimate in year round utility. The Poultry/Small Ruminant Plant in a Box® combines all the features of our flagship Poultry Plant in a Box® with the minimal additions to allow processing smaller ruminants as well. We reinforce the ceiling of a 9 x 40’ box to mount a low profile, remote controlled electric winch and add one SS, four-halves cart. Add additional SS carts as needed.


Shipping containers are manufactured in the Pacific Rim, filled with goods for export, and stacked eight high on ocean freighters. Their corrugated metal shells make them extremely strong, stackable, transportable, and relatively inexpensive. They are 40’ in length and 9’ feet high. We use “one-trippers” that are like new.

Not included: site prep, rinse water disposal, utilities hook up, container off-load. Prices subject to change.

40’ Multi-Species Plant in a Box® unit includes:

  • 18-Cone Rotary Kill Station
  • Scalder XL
  • On-demand 180F propane water heater
  • Plucker XL and foot switch
  • Heavy SS catch table
  • Overhead variable speed evisceration line with 18 SS shackles
  • Remote controlled electric winch
  • Mini-Split heating/cooling unit
  • Double 48″ man door with windows
  • Two SS sinks
  • 18 ga. Aluminum white ceiling and walls, glued and riveted R-19 insulation throughout
  • Food grade epoxy floor
  • Full width twin-motor air curtain
  • 100 Amp electric panel
  • House electrical entrance
  • LP gas entrance
  • Water entrance
  • SS plumbing offsets
  • All PEX water lines
  • Six overhead one-hand water nozzles
  • LED lighting


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Blast Cooler/Freezer
Add our state of the art, single unit chill/freeze solution to any box. -5F to 55F. Chill partial or entire unit. For partial units Chill Room Add on must be selected also.
Side Door
Double man door 48″ Right or Left side
Chill Room
Price will be quoted on a 10’ room but is adjustable without cost change. For poultry figure 125 birds per linear foot (10’ room stores 1000+ birds). If calculating for beef, pigs, sheep or goats figure 1 SS Cart per 3 linear feet. Must include Blast Cooler/Freezer option.


Chill Tank
Ice Chill 200 4 lb birds in plastic tanks. Separate batches easily. Food grade plastic, SS form holders, nipple, PVC drain valve
Air chill Crates and Stainless Dollies
High quality crate hold 9 birds, one dolly can hold 7 or 
8 crates. 16 casters and 127 crates for 1000 4 lb. Birds. Can be nested for storage.
Stainless Carts
Heavy SS cart 5’L x 32”W x 6’H on casters. Holds 1 beef, two to four pigs, sheep or goats. Chill room holds 6 carts. Please order qty you need.
Stainless Cradle
SS heavy duty skinning cradle on lockable casters. 18H 40L 20W
6 Heavy duty neoprene aprons, 35W x 45L
Boning Knives
6 Victorinox Boning knives
Skinning Knives
6 Victorinox Curved Skinning knives


On Site Training
Expert instruction in set up and use of all equipment 
as well as handling and processing technique. Includes one day of travel, one day on site. Instruction only, not labor. Travel and accommodation expenses are not included.


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