USDA FSIS/Small Processing Plant Owners Meeting Photos, Oct. 8, 2016

Photos from epic meeting at Gunthorp Farm, LaGrange, Indiana


Plant in a Box #3

New in PIB #3 - High capacity Featherman Scalder XL, automatic stainless steel evisceration line, aluminum siding and ceiling, epoxy floor, high powered air curtain, forced air ventilation, offset conduit and plumbing, knee-operated sinks, fancy inspector chair (behind table)


Plant in a Box #1

Plant in a Box #1 was shipped to Maple Wind Farm in Richmond, Vermont. We just returned from a visit there this month (September 2017) and are excited for share this video with you! 


Processing day at Maple Wind Farm in Richmond, Vermont in September 2017. The farm crew puts 757 birds in the cooler in 4 1/2 hours. This is PIB #1, many times revised, and survivor (mostly) of a fire that destroyed a historic barn. Many great processing tips within.