USDA FSIS/Small Processing Plant Owners Meeting Photos, Oct. 8, 2016

Photos from epic meeting at Gunthorp Farm, LaGrange, Indiana


Plant in a Box #3

New in PIB #3 - High capacity Featherman Scalder XL, automatic stainless steel evisceration line, aluminum siding and ceiling, epoxy floor, high powered air curtain, forced air ventilation, offset conduit and plumbing, knee-operated sinks, fancy inspector chair (behind table)


Plant in a Box #1

Plant in a Box #1 below was shipped to Maple Wind Farm in Richmond, Vermont. We just returned from a visit there this month (September 2017) and are excited for share this video with you! 


Plant In a Box #6 to Puerto Rico July 2018! 

This video is about PIB6 - 800 Spent Hens In PR